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Our order processing services have maintained an accuracy rate of 89%

There is a large segment of prospective consumers who give emphasis on placing order through phone for both products and services. Using phone for placing orders is preferred because customers can clarify all the doubts related to specification, warranty and delivery. This sheds light on importance of outsourcing order taking services to remain available even before an individual becomes your customer.

Incorrect processing of orders resulting in order delays and misses are a few reasons for frustration in customers. The product delay eventually increases the total cost of services for an enterprise which go on to severely impact the bottom line. The customer also expects to receive the status of the order on regular basis.

Being an experienced order taking contact center, Vcall2customer understands the importance of every stage related to order management service from taking of orders to its processing and fulfillment. We believe that the queries of customers should be addressed at every part of the lifecycle from pre-sales to period after the purchase of the product by customer.

We carry 89% percent accuracy rate when it comes to order entry and efficient dispatches which escalates the score of customer satisfaction. We also train our agents related to order taking for answering the phone in an influential mannerso that the customer makes a purchase even if he calls just to enquire about a product.
Features of our order taking services

  1. Effective coordination with supply chain and warehouse for timely product delivery
  2. Convincing the customers to purchase the product
  3. Error-free order taking process
  4. Solution that enables customer to check the status of the product
  5. The services can be combined with after-sales customer support
  6. 24 x 7 availability
  7. Scaling up of processes effectively
Therefore, if want to outsource order taking services, you will get maximum returns of investment (ROI) with our services.

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