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In present scenario, more than half of the customers like to resolve themselves through self-service rather than depending on representatives. The interactive voice response (or IVR) is one such facet of self-service which is preferred by customers for their different product or service related needs. It is preferred by customers as they do not have to wait on call for their queries. The IVR also comes with an added benefit of personalized query resolution without any human involvement.

Customers can derive multiple forms of information through IVR application which include:

  • Status of the order
  • Product details
  • Prepaid balance and validity
  • Schedules of event/seminar/concert/meeting
  • Bank account details

It can also be utilized for reminding customers about the status of product delivery, bill overdue and status of a real estate project and other important information.

At Vcall2Customer, we have a combination of robust technology and skilled personnel for offering interactive voice response solutions to our esteemed clients. The company designs and develops IVR system which is easy to operate by end-users. It can also be integrated with the existing customer support system of the company without any hassle.

Our IVR solutions in combination with call center solutions gives assurance to our clients that customers are well served through the blend of human agents and IVR technology. We also offer custom IVR Application Development services for companies looking to implement these services in the processes where human involvement is not required.
Some features of our IVR development and hosting services include:

  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Simple IVR menus that suits the target users
  • Call routing
  • Integration with payment gateways
Our hosted IVR solutions have already helped several firms in giving delightful experience to their customers.

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