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Supporting your sales scheme

Our sales support service offerings follow the philosophy of remodeling to suit your requirements.
In this age of digital revolution, customers are much well-versed and demanding. They have multiple choices and multiple channels to mingle and provide their opinion. It is a challenge to merge all these likings and dislikes across various offerings in order to persuade customers. In addition to thisis the challenge of managing excessive data and scattered view of customers which makes acquisition of customers all the more exacting. Therefore, companies must give emphasis to sales support program to maximize the satisfaction level of consumers.

Comparable products and services
Organizations across the world offer similar services and products with minute differentiation in features, design and pricing. In this scenario, constructing consumer loyalty by way of troubleshooting and resolving problems through analytic services helps in constructing the customer value chain.

Though, helpdesks are support centers which provide enterprises to look at the enhanced support processes whether to opt for premium technical support services or to reduce the volumes or unify the support by generating revenue.
Customers help us grow and we need them to use our products and services and add to our new service offerings to their collection. In the light of comparable and similar offerings, theservices and product lines have become a challenge to enterprises as they increasingly look forward to a loyal customer as the key catalyst. These all challenges arise the need of call center for sales support process.

How we help?

Vcall2customer helps enterprises intensify their sales and reinforce their market position through direct marketing or alternative sales. Our experience in designing and implementing the sales structure and direct marketing techniques represents a key differentiator which goes on to become our very own success factor.
We understand that new sales opportunities and business acquisitions help you meet your revenue objectives. We thoroughly comprehend the importance of establishing a mechanism for servicing business opportunities and generating sales leads.It has been proven time and again that a robust sales support center can offer groundbreaking solutions.
Major features of our sales support services include:

  1. Providing guidance regarding the product and service features and information
  2. Assisting the consumers during their purchase cycle
  3. Provide updates regarding the policy
  4. Proactively approach the customers to support them with product choices
  5. Support consumers from level zero
  6. Loyalty support and programs
  7. Invoicing and Billing
  8. Center for complaints

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Improved First Call Resolution

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