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Outbound Call Center Outsourcing

Helping you nurture your business

Our proven policies of outbound customer services have assisted businesses to earn tremendous profits. We turn our clients into global leaders through blend of technology, infrastructure and human resources.

In the present scenario the call centers are pivotal for businesses to cope up with the rising competition and pressure from investors.
Outbound services are major part of call centers which can be considered backbone of sales and marketing campaign. It is a forum where agents call the customers to assist them with information on the latest product and services that has just emerged in the market.
Vcall2Customer is one of the outbound call centers which believe in giving importance to each outbound call through finest communication skills. We are experienced in handling communications for both B2C and B2B business approaches. The massive return on investment (ROI) of our clients proves the effectiveness of our outbound outsourcing services.  

Our marketing specialists and data analytics team incorporate useful insights related to customer behavior. This helps us in developing better strategies related to outbound support solutions

Qualities of our agents

We make sure that our agents continue to evolve as per changing preferences associated with shopping by customers. These outbound service agents are masters of communication with acumen for technology.
Their convincing power in processes like telemarketing, cross-selling and upselling makes them one of the leading characters of our client's business. Constant training of outbound agents is an integral part of our call center management process.

We offer following outbound call center services:

  • Database services
  • Lead generation services
  • Appointment setting services
  • Telemarketing services
  • Market Research and Data collection services
  • Outbound customer support
  • Direct mail follow-up services
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Sales verification
  • Debt collection

Features of our outbound call center solutions:

  • Dedicated team working 24 x 7
  • Intensive agent training on regular basis
  • Upgraded technology
  • Call monitoring and evaluation using robust methods
  • Agents bound by Non-Disclosure agreement
  • Use of CISCO (VoIP) phones for effective communication

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Improved First Call Resolution

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